Mission & Values

                        It is the policy of the Monticello Police Department to establish and pursue a well defined mission with clearly stated values to guide the officers of the police department in the performance of their duty. It is further the policy of the police department that the mission and values of the police department set forth in this General Order are the fundamental duty of the officers of the department.

   A)  The mission of the Monticello Kentucky Police Department is to protect the life, liberty and property of the citizens and visitors in our community and to protect and enhance their quality of life and their opportunity to live their lives without the crippling restraints of fear.
   B)  The Police Department shall carry out its mission by and through the following functions to the best of their abilities;

       1)  Patrol the City of Monticello and other areas as assigned by the Chief of Police to provide a visible police presence, suppress criminal activity, observe for violations of the law and to observe for potential hazards to the public;

       2)  Identify offenders and violators of the law and apprehend them whenever possible;

       3)  Investigate reports of actual and suspected criminal activity, determine if a crime has been committed and investigate and document suspected offenses appropriately;

       4)  Search for, locate, document and preserve evidence relating to suspected criminal activity and, when called upon to do so, present such evidence in court or transfer such evidence to another appropriate investigating or law enforcement agency;

       5)  Assist when called upon to do so, in the prosecution of the guilty and the protection of the innocent;

       6)  Provide or obtain appropriate aid for those lost, stranded or in distress

       7)  Provide appropriate assistance to other law enforcement, public safety and public service agencies;

       8)  Facilitate the safe and orderly flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the City of Monticello and enforce laws and ordinances relating to moving vehicles and parking of vehicles within the City of Monticello;

       9)  Respond to and investigate traffic collisions for the purpose of aiding the injured, determining the cause of the collision and providing documentation for the victims of such collisions;

       10)  Provide reports and records of their observations, activity and findings while engaged in the performance of their duties as directed by the Chief of Police or other appropriate supervisory authority;

       11)  Enforce the law and maintain the good order, peace, dignity and safety of the City of
Monticello, its citizens and visitors and their property.

   C)  The Police Department will perform these functions through its officers and staff members, under the authority and direction of the Mayor and Chief of Police, in accordance with Kentucky law , the ordinances of the City of Monticello, Ky., the Department's established policies, procedures, general orders, special orders, memoranda and chain of command.

   D)  In the pursuit of the Department's mission the officers of the Department shall honor and be guided by these values;


       1. HONESTY: We will honor the truth and account as accurately and completely as possible for our actions. We will remember that honesty derives from honor.

       2.INTEGRITY/ MORALITY:   The quality or state of being of sound moral principle, uprightness, honesty, sincerity. The quality of being whole, complete, unbroken. A persons personal disposition to sincerely and with reason seek out the right thing, position or course in any given situation and to do the right thing without excuse or apology. We will strive to the best of our ability to determine the right thing to do and once determined, to do it without apology.

       3.DEDICATION: We will work hard at our jobs because we believe in what we do and the value of our work to our community.

       4.PERSONAL COURAGE: We will demonstrate the physical and moral courage necessary to perform difficult and sometimes dangerous tasks and duties. We will remember the importance of our own safety, but we will not forget that our own needs do not outweigh our duty to protect others to the best of our ability. We do not deny fear, but we will not be conquered by it nor allow fear to rob us of our human dignity.

       5.SERVICE: We will remember that we have taken an oath to serve and that we are engaged in a profession of honorable service. We will always refrain from using our position to gain special consideration. We will always remember that "police officer" is a position of special trust and responsibility rather than special privilege.

       6.HONOR: We will conduct ourselves in such a manner as to make ourselves, worthy of respect and emulation.

       7.RESPECT: We will always strive to recognize and acknowledge the worth, value and dignity in all people, ourselves, those we serve, those we work with and those on who we enforce the law.

       8.FITNESS: We will work to keep ourselves physically, mentally and morally fit and prepared to perform difficult and arduous tasks.

       9.PROFESSIONALISM: We will perform our duties with professional competence and care, always attempting to uphold the ethics and professional standards of our profession. We will take pride in our professional competence and the quality of our work.

       10.ETHICS: A standard or code of moral behavior of a person, group or profession.

       11.FIDELITY: The personal quality of being faithful and not betraying a trust, obligation or duty. We will remember that we came asking to serve and have voluntarily taken our oath and accepted the duty and obligations of our profession and its ethics. It was not imposed upon us. We will be faithful and true to the ethics of our profession and the people of our community who depend upon us and look to us for protection and an example of honorable conduct.

       12.JUSTICE: The ordering of human conduct to exhibit fair and equitable treatment of others and to honor the individual worth and dignity of each person and the rectification of injury. Justice is about people rather than things and is a mostly indefinable and malleable code of conduct governing human activity for the purpose of protecting life, liberty, property, human dignity and worth and rectifying wrongs by one against another by and through an established system of laws and procedures which recognizes the physical value of punitive sanctions as well as the spiritual values of mercy and kindness. It may be more of an attitude encompassing a constantly evolving mixture of righteousness, honesty, human dignity and value, moral obligation, reality, fidelity, fairness, impartiality, mercy and rectitude. Justice is a difficult concept to put into a black and white definition but a very important human value and one which we, as police officers, are duty bound to seek, support and defend. We will remember that justice un-tempered by reason, mercy and compassion is cruelty and justice dominated by mercy is anarchy.

       13.VIGILANCE:  We will keep ourselves awake, alert and watchful for offenses against the law and hazards to the safety, good order and well-being of our community. We will remain alert to out duty.

       14.SELF CONTROL: We will strive to maintain control of our emotions and to remain calm, steady and clear-minded in all circumstances.

       15.STRENGTH:  We will strive to exhibit a steadfast strength of character as well as emotional, mental, spiritual and physical strength in the performance of our duty and in the example we set for others.

           These are our values, the values of our profession and our Department. They are the values we will demand in our own conduct and expect in the conduct of others. We will make no apology for our values and will not validate or offer excuse for those who would ridicule or trivialize these values. We take pride in the difficulty of living up to these values and refuse to make excuse for our failures. We will work hard to gain strength from each recovery from a failure. We will always strive to live our values and not merely speak them. We will not resent that others hold us to a higher standard, rather we will proudly hold ourselves to a higher standard.